July 12, 2017

Since June 12th I’ve been on vacation…probably my first vacation in years. Because I’ve been blessed with the being allowed to do what I enjoy doing for a living I’ve never felt the need to take a vacation. But after the way this year began along with already performing 83 shows on the road in 48 different venues, I thought it was time. And that’s not even including all the local gigs I’d performed or the recording sessions I’d done. So, with the exception of a July 5th Cape May, NJ show, I’m on vacation, or as a friend of mine called it, a “stay-cation”, until August 1st.

“On stage in Cape May, New Jersey”

I’ve really enjoyed being able to go and hear my friends performing around town…Cleveland artists still my favorites to see. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t performed locally while on vacation. I’ve played a few piano bar gigs, played a couple gigs with Don Krueger (Eric Carmen, Beau Coup) and just this past Sunday, after all these years in the music biz, Billy Sullivan & I finally performed in our hometown at the Brook Park Home Days celebration…and we had a blast!!

“Spina & Sullivan performing at the Brook Park Home Days” photo courtesy of Thomas Apathy

Last Thursday I performed with my dear friend Jeff Varga for his monthly “Go Live” series…there’s nothing better than 2 good friends just having fun making music for the pure joy of it! I also performed an opening set for the gifted Karl Karl’s wonderfully funny hypnosis show…what an incredible night that was!!

“performing in Jeff Varga’s family room for his Go Live series”

Before I go back on the road, I have a few more local dates that I’ll be doing. This Saturday (July 15) I’ll be performing at Bar 107 with the lovely Jessica Petrone. Mike Hudak will also be there on drums along with the talented Giana, Jessica’s daughter, on bass & sax.

“Kellie Karl on stage during her show”

Next Tuesday (July 18 & 19) Billy Sullivan & I will be performing at the Rockside Holiday Inn in the Impulse Lounge. Though I’ve stopped in there many times over the years to see friends perform, this is the first time Billy & I are performing there.

And on Monday (July 24) I’ll be the guest artist for Jim Tigue’s Music Mondays at O’Tooles Pub. I do this about 4 times a year and it’s one of my favorite local gigs. Then on Thursday (July 27) I’ll be back at Trivs with my piano bar.

“On Stage at Brook Park Home Days” photo courtesy of Thomas Apathy

My favorite part of this 6-week vacation has been be able to perform again with the Praise Band at the Friends Church for most of the Sunday services in June and all of them in July. Due to my busy tour schedule earlier this year, I was only able to perform with them once prior to June.

“with the Praise Band at the Friends Church”

When this vacation ends, my touring schedule returns with a vengeance…14 shows in August that will take us through New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania & back to New York…whew!! As I’ve always said, I love my job. But this time, I also loved my vacation!! See ya somewhere soon.

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  1. Robin Moore(Shea Wright) says:

    I loved reading your blog, esp about your church and beliefs. I wish I lived closer to visit your church, and listen to God’s word. I was raised Catholic and still attend Mass on a regular basis. I also love the photos of you and various other musicians. It is my goal this summer to attend one of your local gigs with my sister, Mare and her husband Scott. Take care, and keep the blog going.

  2. Carol Garbo says:

    So nice to read your blogs and get caught up with you. Let me know when you are heading to Virginia and I’ll let you know when I’m back in C-town. Stay safe and keep the music coming.

  3. Shelley J Sweet-Tufano says:

    A need to be refreshed and be gifted in, before you return to gifting out again.

  4. Cathy Davidson says:

    My fave part: “there’s nothing better than 2 good friends just having fun making music for the pure joy of it!”. Enjoy your “time off”. I won’t get to see you again until Niagara. Meet you at our usual spot? lol I think it’s my turn to buy… I hope Kellie’s available to come with you!

  5. Judy Stephen says:

    Wow, a busy vacation! I’m sure it energizes you, doinga few different things and seeing people you can’t often see or play with. Enjoy the rest of your time off the road. Looking forward to seeing you when I see you.

    • Rich Spina says:

      Not as busy as it sounds considering how long my vacation is. And yes, it is energizing seeing friends perform and performing with old friends.

  6. Diane Fox says:

    Sounds GREAT for you! The Music is great for all of us including the Musicians! Time off is also good for all of us!! Have a Great Time!

  7. Denise Hebert says:

    I’m exhausted reading about your “vacation”! Nothing like being home with good friends! Enjoyed the posts with you and Billy and with Jeff. May I ask what religion Friends Church is? I was raised Catholic but haven’t been in many years. I am looking for a church that is about people not money.
    I wish Kelly would do some shows in Florida! Looks like so much fun! See you in Florida at Busch Gardens, Rufh Eckart and of course EPCOT! I
    Enjoy the rest of your time home!

    • Rich Spina says:

      It’s a non-denominational Christian church. It’s Quaker based. I was also raised a Catholic. Kellie would do shows in Florida. It’s just that right now, most of her performances are on the west coast or on cruise ships…but I’m sure she’ll eventually get shows in Florida.

      • Terry williams says:

        I was brought up strict Catholic and changed to a Lutheran but go to sometimes non denominational and love them. Went to the Friends church that Rich was in the Praise and Worship band and was awesome. I loved the sermon because they speak about the Bible and everyday life and how we can share God’s love to people who do not know the word of God and know that God loves you and forgives you for whatever you did with your life and whatever you have going now. Just know that God loves you no matter what. Sorry about going on and on.

      • Karl Brinkhoff says:

        I too get exhausted when I see your posts on Facebook. Playing local gigs at night then at the gym at 9am or praise band rehearsal on Sundays, ect. I’m quite impressed. We are church neighbors by the way. I attend Cuyahoga Valley Church on Wallings and I-77 in Broadview Hts. Also non-denominational Christian church, ours is Southern-baptist based. Been a member since 2009 and my faith, knowledge of God, and the Bible has grown tremendously!

  8. Marge Lacosse says:

    We fans certainly appreciate the music you play for us. As a member or solo. One of your back on the road concerts lead to Green Bay, Wisconsin where I get to enjoy you. Thank you 🎵🎵 :)🎵🎵

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