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April 25, 2016

I am now in the middle of my 6-week break from the road and I am really enjoying my time back in C-Town…relaxing, recording, visiting friends, making music, doing some radio interviews and watching some of my musical friends perform. I even found time to take a mini vacation to my favorite city in the USA, New Orleans!!

"Love Affair on stage at The Tangier"

“Love Affair on stage at The Tangier”

"Check out the lights!"

“Mike is hiding behind Wes”

w Wes.

“with Wes”

But the best part of this vacation was being able to perform with my musical brothers from our old band Love Affair as we celebrated our 40th Anniversary with a reunion concert at The Tangier. All the pictures on this blog are from that night…and they were taken by Tom Apathy. Thanks Tom!!

"Wayne Cukras"

“Wayne Cukras”

"Wes Coolbaugh"

“Wes Coolbaugh”

The show was completely sold out and we performed non-stop for 2 hours & 20 minutes playing all the favorites from our 3 albums along with a few surprises from our early days playing the bars…pre-1980. During the show we did a 20 minute Led Zeppelin medley but the real surprises came when we did our Four Seasons medley & encored with Bohemian Rhapsody, both of which we had not performed since 1979. The band also performed the David Bowie song, Moonage Daydream, a song they used to do before I joined the band in 1974. It was awesome watching the audience singing along to the lyrics of the songs from our three albums. But the best part of the evening was when the audience took over & chanted the chorus to our 1980 hit, Mama Sez!!!

"John Zdravecky"

“John Zdravecky”

"Mike Hudak"

“Mike Hudak”

I must take a moment to thank the people that made this hugely successful reunion possible: Jeff Hair, the sixth member of the band and longtime musical brother….what can I say, you and your crew went above and beyond with your incredible sound, mixing & light show. Mike Criscione for your excellent work on keyboards re-creating all the sounds from our albums perfectly. Drew Losch & his crew for the great job you all did filming the show. Chris Sees for making sure everything went smoothly on stage. John Tevis for making this night happen at The Tangier. Ray Carr for the wonderful job you did emceeing the show. And of course, all our friends and fans that have always supported us.

By the way I'm behaving, this must be during the Led Zeppelin medley"

By the way I’m behaving, this must be during the Led Zeppelin medley”

"Wes & John throwing the guitars during as Mike watches"

“Wes & John throwing the guitars during as Mike watches”

The T-shirts that were sold during our reunion concert are now available here on the website. But there’s only limited number left, so once they’re sold out, that’s it!!

"singing City Streets"

“singing City Streets”

"playing sax on Does She"

“playing sax on Does She”

I’ve also been busy doing some radio interviews. I did a couple for my good friend Ray Carr on WCSB 89.3 leading up to the reunion concert. Today I was on Gene Briscoe’s Kool Kat Oldies Show on WDLW 1380 and this Wednesday I’ll be on the Chelsea Phillips Show on TYME 102.9 at 3:45p.

"on piano with Mike Criscione"

“on piano with Mike Criscione”

"backstage with Ray Carr just before showtime"

“backstage with Ray Carr just before showtime”

I still have 21 more days at home before touring resumes and hopefully during that time I’ll finish Fred Jackson’s new upcoming CD plus finish recording a track for Bill March. See ya soon!!!

"taking a bow after the show"

“taking a bow after the show”

20 Responses

  1. Russ Dysert says:

    I used to see you guys at the Aquanaut (Nite Harbour) in Wellsville, Ohio. I was the guy that always wanted to hear Strutter. So good to see you are all doing well and still in music. Thanks for all the good times!

    • Rich Spina says:


      • Russ Dysert says:

        do any of the guys still play around the Cleveland area? My son is a student at Baldwin Wallace and I’ve told him a lot of stories about Love Affair. Would love to take him to see real musicians.

        • Rich Spina says:

          Yes, Wes Coolbaugh performs around town with a highly successful local band called “That 80’s Band”. Mike Hudak stills plays around town with a few different groups. John Zdravecky had a local band called “New Century Beatniks” for quite a few years but now is looking for a new musical project. And when not on the road, I still perform around town.

  2. Lamar Longineau says:

    Wow Rich, 2 hours and 20 minutes. Awesome. When was the last time that the entire band played together prior to the 40th reunion show? Lamar

    • Rich Spina says:

      We did a reunion concert in 2012…that was the first time the entire lineup had performed together since 1984. So we decided to do it one more time to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

  3. Carmen says:

    Rich, this is really awesome! Thanks for sharing and glad to hear you are enjoying your ‘break’. See you soon. Keep rocking!

  4. Gord liske says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting/sharing the pics, Rich. Although, not like being there in person for sure, your pics certainly spread the excitement of your “Love Affair Reunion” to those who couldn’t participate and enjoy first hand. I would certainly be interested in the DVD if that comes to be. See you in September…….hmm I think that’s the name of a song Lol

  5. Paula S. says:

    Rich, thank you for sharing all the pics and the blog about the Love Affair reunion for those of us who could not be there to witness this extraordinary event. Your passion for entertainment and amazingly diverse musical talent is evident in the videos. I have had the privilege to hear/see you perform locally in Chicago with Billy, and many performances as a Hermit, and grateful each time to share in your gift of music. Any chance a DVD or CD of the Love Affair 40th reunion will be available? Enjoy your well earned Cleaveland break. Can’t wait to catch you at a Midwest show soon.

    • Rich Spina says:

      Thanks Paula! We intended to release a live CD of the concert but just before showtime a problem with the machine developed so we couldn’t record the evening. But the entire show was video taped so we possibly might release a DVD. We will know later on.

  6. DJ Dennis says:

    Rich, you do such an awesome job being the front man… at the first Love Affair Reunion was the first time I saw you as the front man. You out did yourself on the second one !!! Awesome job, my friend!!! You and the other guys just ROCK!!!!

  7. Avelina Johnston says:

    Rich you’re an amazing and very gifted musician! I’m honored to have you and always enjoy hearing you sing. You’re truly blessed! The reunion was awesome and was happy to be there w/ Betty and Mo to see you Rock the House!! Continue making music………..✌?️?

  8. Candy Kayne says:

    I love Wes’s expression in your Led Zeppelin medley photo. I think it says it all. Wow! You Rock! 🙂

  9. Deborah says:

    Richie, you are so Talented, you have come so far with your Music Career, looking forward to the Amazing Gifts you have to share in the coming years! You Rock!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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