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March 12, 2017

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in long while, but the last three months have personally been the hardest & saddest time I’ve ever experienced. On January 5th, my Mom passed away and 17 days later, so did my Dad. Mom was 88 and Dad was 97 and though I know I was blessed to have them in my life for so many years it still doesn’t ease the pain. The only comfort I’ve felt is knowing they’re home together again in Heaven and their 66yr love affair lives on. Everything good that has happened in my life is because of what my wonderful parents taught me.

“with my brother Frank, Mom & Dad at their 50th wedding anniversary”

“Mom & Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary”

Mom was the strongest, kindest, most caring person I’ve ever known. She always saw the good in everyone and celebrated their individuality. She also had a brilliant mind, which led to her almost 30 years of public service. She served on the school board for 6 years and then served as a council member in Brook Park for 20 years. Even after she retired she served on the board of the Tri-City Senior Center that she helped to create while on council.

“Mom being sworn in after being elected on council for the first time in 1977”

“Uncle Johnny, Aunt Martha, Mom & Dad out on the town in the early 1950s”

Dad’s happiness in life was taking care of his wife and kids…he worked 2 jobs until he retired at 69 so that Mom, my brother and I lived good lives. And even though he never finished high school he had a unbelievable wisdom on life and an incredible ability to read people. He served in World War 2 but never talked about it. It wasn’t until late last year that I learned he earned 4 Bronze Stars and fought in both the battle of Normandy & the battle of Paris.

“Dad’s army picture”

Together they gave my brother and I unconditional love & support and supplied us with all the tools we needed to succeed in life. They raised us to have our own opinions, work hard, be good citizens and pursue whatever dream would make us happy. That is why both my brother and I have had successful careers in entirely different fields.

“Mom & Dad out on the town in the early 1970s”

I want to thank my brother, my girlfriend, my family, friends and church for helping me get through this tough time. Two of the biggest things I learned from my parents was that no matter what happens, life still goes on and that happiness is a decision. So, I will honor them by living the rest of my life with the values and lessons that they taught me. Mom & Dad, I love you and thank you for EVERYTHING!!

“with Dad & Mom in 2006”

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  1. Maggie Beddow says:

    Dear Rich, Happy New Year 2018!! Wishing you strength this January upon the one-year anniversary of your parents’ passing. I appreciate you sharing your inner thoughts and experiences. My mom is almost 95 and I dread the inevitable. Looking forward to seeing you in February on the Flower Power cruise. And by the way, happy belated 62nd — I’m just one month behind you. 1955 was a good year!
    Hugs, Maggie

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi…I loved reading this. I’m going through rough times with my parents (90 years old this year) who live an hour away on a good traffic day. I teach Kindergarten and on the weekends drive south to take care of mom and dad. They both have some dementia on good days and lots of dementia on bad days(those bad days are the days they remember their kids took away their car keys.) It started with my mom breaking her hip walking the dog in July. She had to be declared in competent because she thought she had hurt her wrist…”I walked in this hospital and now they won’t let me walk out Catherine.” So it has been challenging. We packed up most of their house to get it wheelchair access for after her rehab. I found so many pictures (Like another marriage in pictures my mom never told us about!) Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed talking with you at the Herman and the Hermit concerts and reading about your mom and dad now. (Well almost all of this post!) I’ll enjoy the rest soon….How special….It’s quite a hurt when we lose them…I lost Jim’s mom 9 years ago and miss her so very much still. I’ve been thinking about you a lot after seeing your loss on Facebook and again here in your blog….Prayers and hugs…Cathy Neir

  3. Karen Kasierski says:

    Dear Richard
    You are so Blessed to have had such a close loving family. The loss of both you your parents is overwhelming. Your memories and constant reminders of your wonderful parents will live on in and thru you.
    You have the same spirit and gift of kindness and amazing strength and talent. You had the love and support of amazing people and you honor them with your spirit.
    The pictures tell a beautiful story and they needed to remain together in Heaven as they did on Earth.
    Celebrate the love and honor them in your daily life. They are part of you

  4. Gord Liske says:

    Rich, by honouring your parents by living your life with the values and lessons they taught you is the truly the ultimate tribute to your Mom and Dad. They are blessed to have a son like you. No parent could expect anymore than that from one of their children…….Take care, Rich.

  5. Cathy Davidson says:

    I didn’t get to meet your parents but I feel the love in your beautiful tribute to them. I’ve also never met your brother but I do know that they raised a wonderful son in you, and I’m sure they are very proud of the man that you became. I know they are smiling upon you every day. Big hugs go out to you and your family. xo

  6. janet hamilton says:

    Love Ya Kid.

  7. Maria Szentmiklossy Gregg says:

    What a beautiful tribute, Richie. You are indeed lucky to have had such great parents with you for so long. The greater our love for them, the greater the heartbreak when our loved ones move on. I’m sorry for your loss, my friend, but happy for your good memories.

  8. Laura Reising says:

    Beautiful tribute. So sorry for your loss. Blessings to you and your brother.

    The Reising’s

  9. Mo says:

    What a great family legacy. I know you are as proud of them as they were of you.


  10. Maria Szentmiklossy Gregg says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your parents, Richie. You are lucky to have had such great people in your life for so long. The greater our love, the greater the heartbreak when our loved ones move on. But, it’s worth it. Sorry for your loss, my friend, but happy for your good memories.

  11. Ingrid says:

    Thank you for sharing. Hope to visit you in Cleveland sometime soon this year.

  12. Judy Stephen says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to your mom and dad, Rich. You and your life are a reflection of the goodness and wisdom of your parents, they live on in you. I lost my dad last year, mom in 2008. It will get better, but tears will still come unexpectedly. Be kind to yourself and know that your thoughts of them keep them near.

  13. LeAnn Zerck says:

    Thank you for sharing this very personal tribute to your mom and dad. My heart is breaking for you having to go through this twice in such a short time. May the thoughts and prayers of your family and friends help to surround you with love and comfort.

  14. Bill Kaminski says:

    Sorry for your losses Rich. This was a very loving tribute to your M&D. From what I read I can see what they taught come through in you. It’s a given that they had to have been very, very proud parents.
    Best Wishes, Bill Kaminski

  15. Russ galati says:

    Very well said i will always remember them and the help he gave me building a toolbox for my dad at jacobys

  16. Molly A Bibb says:

    My heart aches for your loss Rich. I wanted to hug you when we saw you in Tulsa but I felt you needed your space. I too have suffered the loss of my husband in Novemeber so I know the overwhelming feeling. Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory of your mom & dad. God bless you Rich.

  17. Jill Carroll says:

    Rich, this a such a beautiful tribute to your parents. You were blessed to be raised In such a loving and supportive environment. I’m sure that they were very proud of the person you have become. Nice to see you this weekend in Park City and thanks for the fabulous singing and playing. God Bless, Jill Carroll

  18. Debbie Lyon says:

    I hope you’re doing ok, I lost my mom 2 years ago and I still miss her so much. As time goes on it becomes a little easier, you were lucky to have parents that loved you and your brother that much and we’re so supportive. They’ll never leave your side. Sending a warm hug.

  19. Bob Rearick says:

    Dear Rich, Losing a loved ones is the most difficult thing humans have to endure. Having your Father pass so soon after Mom is heartbreaking. I did not know your parents but judging by the kind of person you are, the must have been exceptional. When I lost my Dad, it was a prolonged process over a span of months. Then a few years later, Tim. Timmy Toonz we knew he was sick but still, his passing was unexpected and shocking. Mom left us two years ago. You feel such pain, so lost without them but they are there with us, Always…May you find solace in your faith and in your music. Live Long And Prosper!

  20. Judi Asiala says:

    Can’t imagine losing both parents so close together. My were separated by 25 years–possibly the same day! Sending hugs and prayers.

  21. Dj Dennis says:

    Hi Rich, This Blog was an awesome tribute to your parents, I haven’t met them as long as some, but the times we have talked at your gigs are memories of these two great people that I will never forget. They will always be in my heart as well as yours. Take care my friend,

  22. Shawn says:

    Thank you Rich for opening your heart to us. I know this has been a very unbearable time for you. Your friends and family will always be here for you. And your parents are two incredible guarding angels watching over you now.

  23. Gary Frederick says:

    Rich- your folks were great. I was blessed to have known them over the years. They were always so proud of you. Be at peace, my friend. They are…. gary

  24. Diane Porter says:

    Hi Rich, what a beautiful tribute to share with us, those who knew them and some of us who only know you. They both sound like the best of everything. You were very blessed to have two dedicated loving people as your parents, I got tears reading this so I can imagine you. Thanks for sharing and Thanks for the music. I only know you from the Hermits. I would love to be able to see you in the rest of your music. take care, see you the next HH in Florida. Hugz Diane

  25. Ginny DeLibero Rondini says:

    Dear Rich: Thanks so much for sharing memories with us. I will never forget your family and some of the good times we shared with the Galatis and Passafiumes when we were younger. Your mom and dad were so much fun—picnics, communions, etc. Good seeing you in DisneyWorld. Hope to see you sometime soon.

    Love, Ginny DeLibero Rondini

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