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November 20, 2016

I know it’s been a couple of months since I last posted but we were touring so much, time just flew by…it feels like I went from August to November in one single day!! During that time, our version of musical madness traveled through Michigan, Missouri, Ontario, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Alberta, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, California, Nevada, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Indiana, Maryland & Virginia…my fingers are tired after typing in those 2 provinces & 21 states.

"on stage somewhere in October"

“on stage somewhere in October”

I celebrated another year of life a couple weeks ago and I want to thank each and every one of you that called, texted, sent messages & posted on my social sites wishing me a happy birthday. I’m humbled, blessed and truly grateful.

"enjoying another year of life"

“enjoying another year of life”

A big thank you to our hometown Cleveland Indians for a great season. We might not have won the World Series, but the team played hard until the very last pitch…can’t ask for anything more. Probably the greatest 7-game World Series I ever watched. Of course, I wish we would’ve won, but hats off to the Cubs.


Fred Jackson’s new CD that I produced is finally completed and ready for release. And to celebrate, there will be a CD release party on December 4th at Bar 107 in Berea from 6:00p ‘til 9:00p. Ray Carr from WCSB 89.3 will be there to emcee, interview Fred and play his new CD. I’ll be there…stop by!

"Fred Jackson's new CD"

“Fred Jackson’s new CD”

Christmas is just around the corner so right now would be a great time to visit the merchandise section of my website and buy some groovy stocking stuffers. The entire Love Affair collection, Richard & The Heartbeats, Spina & Sullivan and both my solo CDs are available along with T-shirts. Here’s the link: http://richspina.com/merchandise/ OK, enough with the shameless self-promotion.

Spina, Sullivan & Hudak 1992

Spina, Sullivan & Hudak 1992

One more thing: “Spina, Sullivan & Hudak” will be doing another reunion show the night before Thanksgiving at our favorite club in the greater Cleveland area, Bar 107. The musical mayhem starts at 8:00p & I can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday! If I don’t see ya there, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. CathyD says:

    Hi Rich! I hope you’ll have Christmas/after Christmas blog too. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year. All the best to you and yours! M. M. M. 😉

  2. JQ says:

    Hi Rich, hope you and the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Paula says:

    Hi. I have enjoyed every concert since you and ultimately Billy (two former Playboys) brought your talents to share the stage with Peter Noone as Hermits. I wonder if you keep records of each city, venue, some tidbit to keep the memories of each concert and location. As a longtime fan, I hope someday you share these adventures in a book and in song. I look forward to many shared concerts in the future, God willing. May you stay inspired and be safe in your travels. Paula, from Chicago

  4. DJ says:

    Great Blog, Rich, WOW that’s a lot of traveling!!! I’m very proud of our Cleveland Indians, I , also wish they would have won it, but they worked hard trying, that’s really all we fans could have asked for!!Wish I could make it to the reunion show but I have a lot of stuff to do for Thanksgiving. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Rich!!!

    • Rich Spina says:

      Thanks DJ…Happy Thanksgiving!!

    • Marge Lacoose says:

      Happy Thanksgiving and it’s my birthday. I am grateful for many things this year. I was fortunate to see and hear Herman and the Hermits Starring Peter Noone not once but twice. In Michigan and Wisconsin. When you wish upon a star, it might just happen. Thank you for all the music you share 🙂 Marge Lacosse, Hermansville ,Michigan

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