Love Affair’s 40th Anniversary Concert April 25, 2016

I am now in the middle of my 6-week break from the road and I am really enjoying my time back in C-Town…relaxing, recording, visiting friends, making music, doing some radio interviews and watching some of my musical friends perform. I even found time to take a mini vacation to my favorite city in the USA, New Orleans!! (more…)

Flying The Friendly Skies March 10, 2016

I can honestly say this past month has been probably the busiest I’ve ever been. Since I last posted a month ago I’ve been to 11 different states, 2 other countries (Mexico & Canada) and the high seas…and all the shows have been wonderful!!! (more…)

Road Notes February 9, 2016

The 2016 tour schedule started on January 16 and I’ve already been on the road more than 15 days…plus I’ve already been to New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana & Utah.  The few days I have been home has been jam-packed with either recording, rehearsing for the “Love Affair” reunion (more…)

Happy New Year!! January 2, 2016

Sorry it’s taken so long to post another blog but I’ve been real busy both touring and home in C-Town. In the last month I was on the road for 20 days performing with Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone in New York, Missouri, Connecticut, Texas, Washington, British Columbia, Ohio & Florida. And half those shows were Christmas shows. (more…)

60 Years On November 11, 2015

If somebody would’ve told me back when I was 17 yrs old and just beginning my journey making music that I’d still be doing it fulltime at 60 yrs of age I would’ve thought they were nuts!! Well, I just turned 60 this past week and 43 yrs later, it’s still my fulltime job. (more…)